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YouTube iOS App Adds Dark Mode

Jan 15, 2018

Good news if you use the YouTube iOS app, as the app has just updated to add a dark mode. Dark mode is becoming a more common feature with apps, especially social apps where you might spend a lot of time. Dark mode, for those of you who do not know, uses a different color scheme to be easier on your eyes if you are using the app at night.

It allows for your eyes to avoid the brightness and white color scheme, which can save your vision. Dark mode is also good to use at night because the color scheme will not mess with your regular sleeping pattern like the normal colors can. If you have the iOS app, read on to learn more about this new update and dark mode.

Dark Mode Comes to YouTube iOS App

One thing that is important to note with the new feature is that is appears to still be rolling out to many people. You will need to get the latest YouTube iOS app update in order to begin using the dark mode, although it still has not rolled out to everyone yet. This is likely due to it being rolled out on the server side, which means it takes longer to get to all users. Some people do enjoy the brightness lit up to the max. Even then, a lot of people enjoy the duller color scheme used in dark mode, especially while they are in bed.

To use this feature, you will need to go into the Settings on the YouTube iOS app. From there, you should see an option for Dark Mode. You must enable this by toggling in order for dark mode to activate. You also can just click on your profile in order to get to the YouTube Settings from the app if you would like. As we previously said, do not worry if you do not see the feature in the options yet. It could take a few days for everyone to see this update, especially if it really is a server-side update.

YouTube iOS App Brings Dark Mode in Update

It is not too surprising that YouTube finally came out with dark mode for iOS. That is because the web version has had this for a while, and the Android version also is getting in on it. The theme seems to be similar to the web version. This means it will be the grayish black color scheme, which is a lot duller. They say that you should not look at your smartphone before bed, due to the blue lighting emitting from them.

This is what messes with your sleeping cycles, and it is also really bad for your eyes. It can cause blurry vision among other problems. Those warnings about using your smartphone before bed have been going on for a couple years now, and the apps are working to change and provide a darker mode. Most other popular apps have this feature, even most iOS and Android browsers now have this option.

Dark Mode is a Great Addition to YouTube iOS App

We are definitely happy that the YouTube iOS app has this long-awaited feature, as dark mode is a lot more comfortable on the eyes for nighttime video watching. You can always toggle dark mode on and off depending on if you are in the mood for the darker color scheme or not. We are surprised that it took YouTube this long to bring the darker mode to the mobile apps, given how popular YouTube is.

It seemed like YouTube would be first for new features like this, but many other apps have added this feature before YouTube got with the program. Nevertheless, the new iOS version of the YouTube app contains dark mode and you can begin using it right now. You should see the darker mode update hit your device within the next couple days if you have not already.

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