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YouTube Music Changes Logo on iOS & Android

Sep 3, 2020

We’ve been telling you these past several weeks about changes that have happened to YouTube Music. Google is changing up various aspects of YouTube Music since Google Play Music will be shutting down for good by the time 2020 ends. Due to Google Play Music going away soon, Google has been putting a lot of work into YouTube and making it more appealing to iOS and Android users. One change that just happened is the logo was changed in an effort to alter its branding.

YouTube Music Logo Changes as Revamps Continue on iOS & Android

There have been a lot of changes to YouTube Music on iOS and Android lately that we’ve been talking about and it’s pretty exciting. The newest change to come to YouTube Music is a change in the logo, and the new logo is apart of the re-branding effort Google is doing before Play Music shuts down. You’ll notice in the picture below the logo looks a little bit different than you might have remembered.

There have always been two logos on YouTube Music, which was always a little bit weird when you think about it. One logo that was used was the home screen app icon which has the white play symbol and it’s right in the middle of the red record-CD icon. Sometimes you would see the YouTube logo with “Music” in the YouTube font. You might have noticed that the second logo was most often placed in the left corner of the YouTube Music app on both iOS and Android. With the new YouTube Music update, you’ll notice that everything now changes to the first logo we mentioned.

YouTube Music Update for Mobile Gets Rid of Dueling Logo Situation

We’re glad that Google has decided to update the YouTube Music app for both iOS and Android to get rid of the dueling logos that were happening. The updated version is 3.81 and that is where you will find the first logo is now the actual logo for the app. This means that when you open up the updated app, you’ll see the white play icon in the middle of the record/CD bright red image.

The Progress Web App has been using this logo for quite a while, although the web client of YouTube Music has not updated as of yet. You also might have seen those different logos on the playlist cover art area, and it really made no sense. Both “New Release Mix” and “Your Mix” used one logo and “Released” used the rounded logo and it was always confusing as to why these were different from inside of the playlist cover art. We are happy to report that all of these were updated so that they are the same logo now, and that was an update Google recently released for all three playlists.

Did the Dueling Logos in YouTube Music for iOS & Android Confuse You Too?

We’ve always been a little skeptical as to why the logos were never the same across the board. It would make sense for the logos to be the same regardless of where you were in the app. Having the logos change for no reason seemed odd and had no real functionality or purpose. We’re glad that with the YouTube Music 3.81 update for iOS and Android, this changes to just the first logo being the main logo all of the time. The cover art for playlists being the same now also is great in terms of aesthetics and overall continuity.

In the comment section below, we want to know whether you noticed the dueling logos before we pointed it out? Was this something that caught your eye or did you just never pay attention to the logos at all? Do you think Google should be doing more to enhance the appearance and functionality of YouTube Music for mobile ahead of the shut down of Google Play Music? What other changes are you looking forward to seeing in the future with YouTube Music? Lastly, we want to know whether or not you even use YouTube at all anymore since there are a lot of other third-party options available. Tell us what you like about the other apps and why you’ve chosen them over the actual YouTube Music app.