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YouTube Music & Google Play Music Combining Soon

Feb 9, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might have been annoyed by the fact you have both Google Play Music and YouTube Music on your device. It seems redundant to have both Google Play Music and YouTube Music on your Android device, and it seems that Google finally realized this as well. We are going to tell you all you need to know about the upcoming changes, although we have yet to hear an official release date.

Google Combining Google Play Music & YouTube Music

While there is no definite date set yet by Google, it seems both Google Play Music and YouTube Music will be combined into one great app on Android. For now, we will still see both of these apps run separately on Android, but soon the apps will combine into one. Google officially announced that the Google Play Music and YouTube Music product teams have already been combined into one working unit. That makes it more likely we will get a single app on Android sooner than later.

The two product teams behind the apps have been combined into one development team since sometime last year. For Google, it made things much easier in terms of dealing with artists and labels to get the music onto the apps. If you have YouTube Red, you already had both of these services, but now everyone else will be getting the combined services sometime this year. It does not make sense that these apps have worked independently on Android since both are free and both work if you subscribe to YouTube Red.

Google put out a statement which said that the company relies and values music, and the company is now looking at how to bring these music offerings together. There will be one product that will be looking to give every Android user services, music, and artists that they want without having all of these other dedicated apps. Google said that nothing will be changing right now, and the company will let Android users know before the changes go into effect. From the statement it sounds like Google is currently working on how to combine the features of both apps into one single app. There will be talks with labels and artists as well, so that is why this might take a few months to actually pan out into an official app.

When you look at Android users, this is good news because a lot of people are deleting apps off their phones and tablets and just going with a few apps on their device. Android users also have stopped downloading a lot of new apps as well, but at the same time the music apps and services are increasing in competition. Facebook is looking to get into the music scene, whereas Apple and Amazon are already there pushing music streaming alternatives. With so many different music streaming services and music apps out there, Google has to find a way to remain competitive, which might be why the company is looking at combining these two apps to get people to download it instead of using another service.

It is unknown whether Google will keep the combined music app free, but it is likely to stay free due to the amount of people who seem to go after the free music apps. There might be tiered offerings from the music service app, such as free but if you want this or that type of content you can pay. We are not sure what all will come of the new Google music app combination, but we can hope it is something that will be useful  for all types of Android users and music listeners out there regardless of age or interests.