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YouTube Testing In-App Messaging for iOS & Android

Jan 20, 2017

A cool feature might be coming to YouTube soon for iOS and Android, as the company is testing an in-app messaging feature on the mobile platforms. Currently, this feature is not available for everyone, but it seems YouTube is testing out the feature which is a good sign of things to come.

YouTube Testing In-App Messaging Platform on iOS & Android

The bad news about the in-app messaging platform that YouTube is testing out on Android and iOS is that right now, you must live in Canada to use this new feature. Canada is one of the top places where companies go when they want to soft launch a product or feature. Canada has a market that is comparable to the United States, even though the population is significantly less than that of the United States. YouTube chose Canada to try out the in-app messaging feature because the company said that when it comes to sharing videos on YouTube, Canada does it more than anyone else anywhere else.

The new in-app messaging feature is essentially built into the iOS and Android app, similar to what Facebook has done with Facebook Messenger. You will be able to send messages to talk about videos, and also send videos to your connections from right within the YouTube app. YouTube is hoping that people will use the in-app messaging feature to chat with friends and people from all over the world about videos, instead of using another platform like Facebook or other social media site.

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Instead of going to another app to talk about a video, YouTube wants you to stay within the YouTube app and talk with people. This new in-app messaging feature is different from the regular comments that YouTube already has, and it is way more interactive in real-time. You can have both text conversations in the app and also share videos from YouTube, or even share links from other websites as well and talk about them on the YouTube chat feature.

When it comes to sharing, Canada’s population is around 15 percent more into sharing than say countries like the United States. When you look at the stars that have made it that first started out on YouTube, there is quite a few out there. That is also a reason why YouTube chose Canada because Canada is known for having YouTube stars that turn into legit celebrities and musicians. If YouTube rolled out this new in-app messaging feature in America, the company could have to do so for the entire user base, and that could be bad if people end up not liking the service. Population-wise, Canada is similar to that of California, so it’s big enough to get a sample on whether or not the in-app messaging is good and works, without risking losing fans of the app altogether.

There is not currently a date on when this in-app messaging service would become available in the United States. It likely will be at least a few more months because people in Canada have to use the app, and then give feedback on the app to YouTube. If things need to be fixed or if there are glitches in the in-app messaging, then YouTube would likely fix those issues before issuing a release to the United States YouTube population.

That is, of course, if the in-app messaging feature is something that Canadian users like and think should be implemented in the next YouTube iOS and Android update. You can try out the new in-app messaging feature now if you know someone who is living in Canada, so you can always still have a bit of access to it if you feel inclined to see what it is all about before it hits the United States.