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Youtube To Compete With Twitch For App Gaming Streamers

Sep 23, 2015

YouTube Gaming completely caters to the gaming experience but in a flavor more associated with YouTube’s online streaming style. While gamers can generally search for videos about various games on YouTube, they usually have to manually filter out what they are looking for amongst everything that is available on Youtube.

Moreover, Youtube is a hub for all videos despite the quality of the videos. This Google owned website has finally dipped its hands into the world of live stream gameplay, and is consequently considered to be in competition with the Amazon owned Twitch. Twitch is currently the largest platform for gamers so far as direct access to gaming activities. Until the advent of YouTube Gaming, Twitch had little to no competition.


Both websites are ideal and convenient for gamers because they focus only on the games in a manner that doesn’t require one to go through a complicated search process to find what they are looking for. It’s not that YouTube didn’t already have gaming videos, it’s that they were mixed in a miasma of other unrelated videos. A gamer would have to manually search for the game and then filter through channels that are seemingly relevant but are usually dead ends. And when the gamer finds a channel worthy of subscription, the channel may still not cater to just the gaming experience.

About Twitch

Twitch was founded by Justin Kan through his website Justin.tv where he gave viewers a place to stream their live videos as well as uploading his own about a variety of topics including his own gaming experience. As the popularity of live gameplay streaming progressed, it inspired Justin to create Twitch in 2011, a website exclusively for game streaming. The large success of Twitch began to rival even that of Youtube as far as gaming was concerned, thus the impetus for Youtube to develop a sort of spinoff website just for gaming.

It is worth pointing out that currently, Youtube is not the only company that has contributed to the world of live streaming. Prominent companies, such as Facebook and Twitter have both been known to provide live streaming in their respective online communities. It was only natural that YouTube wanted to take part in the ever-increasing popularity of live streaming, particularly in the continually popular gaming sector. Backed by Google and its world-renowned server infrastructure, YouTube developed a team that would put them on the map for live gameplay.

How Youtube is Attacking The Game Streaming Industry

YouTube gaming is also available as an app on both iOS and Android, and can be launched anywhere in the world that allows for YouTube. However, since it is still a new entity, it is currently only available in English.

Not only are there thousands of pages dedicated to games and uploads by gamers, but even game developers have channels so that gamers can gather information about their favorite games from the source. Conveniently, all the relevant gaming channels from YouTube are also available on Youtube Gaming so users will not feel like they have to start from scratch and discover new channels from the beginning. It also makes streaming easier thanks to Google beta version of the dashboard on the website, which allows users to forego all the restrictions on regular YouTube that make it more difficult to live stream.


This way the process is much quicker and the quality is still maintained. When a gamer expresses interest in game, by adding it to their collection, they are given a wide range of access to the videos relating to that game and are continuously kept up do date with the latest releases. Notifications are provided, as well as recommendations that cater to similar games that might interest the user. The YouTube Gaming interface has essentially annihilated any reason for navigation. There is no need to search for anything, because it is all provided for the gamer in one convenient location.

While Twitch has been around longer than YouTube Gaming, it is the familiarity of YouTube that gives its gaming counterpart that comfortable feel for users. If you know how to you use YouTube, then you can just as easily use YouTube Gaming. The theme of YouTube is maintained, thus providing users with the impression that it is something they already know well. This allows for an easy transition from YouTube to YouTube Gaming for gamers and allows them to adapt quicker to the website. Such a comfort is essential for website developers in order to maintain a competitive amount of viewers and visitors to the website.

In a sense, YouTube Gaming is centralizing the gaming experience in one condensed platform rather than a scattered, divided manner, and this is what creates the greatest competition between it and Twitch.

Twitch, nonetheless still maintains many qualities that elevate it from complete competition with YouTube gaming, For one, it has a money system that includes advertisement, tips and paid subscriptions, where YouTube doesn’t directly monetize subscriptions but deploys them as a social tactic to attain more views. There is also the element of loyalty. Generally a twitch use, will gain a large number of followers that they will be hesitant to lose it they transition to YouTube gaming, or dedicate less time to their twitch profile.

Another thing is that YouTube gaming isn’t as well versed in the use of application of consoles such as Play Station Xbox when it comes to support for recording live streams. There needs to be better partnership with the consoles for a more fluid streaming experience, something that Twitch is already well-seasoned in.

As far as competition is concerned, over the past years twitch has dominated the live streaming market, and has enjoyed a solitude of success. However, a healthy market is indicative of lots of competition and live streaming is no exception. If in fact, YouTube gaming is creating staunch competition for twitch, it is the gamer that accesses these websites that benefits. With competition comes the constant growth and improvements of the websites.

Developers will perpetually be in the mindset of find ways to make their page better and easier for the users. This can lead to many advancements in the field that would otherwise not occur had there been no competition, in this case, to twitch. Little to no competition is generally associated with stagnation, and live stream gameplay is no exception. Any competition between Twitch and YouTube gaming will only lead to greater pursuits in terms of innovation and advancement.

  • John Stevenson

    I would bet money Youtube will overtake Twitch within the next 3 years. Way to much of an existing userbase and tools for the YT platform.

  • DHaywood

    YouTube just won’t be able to out-do how niche twitch is to it’s audience its the truth

  • JeffreyJ

    video game live streaming has gotten so saturated nowadays. Anyways, youtube just has more power and I think they’ll “win” in the long run