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YouTube Voice Search Gets New User Interface in Android Update

Jan 8, 2019

There is a new YouTube update for Android and in this update the voice search has received a new user interface. As you might know, a lot of the Google apps have now included the ability to search for what you want using the voice commands. Most of the apps on Android use the same type of voice input user interface.

As you can imagine, the same setup can get pretty boring after a while. It appears YouTube is changing things up by making a new user interface for voice search. We have all of the latest details about the YouTube Android app updating the voice search user interface to be more appealing and also quicker.

YouTube Brings New Voice Search Interface to Android

We are very happy that YouTube has decided to change up the voice search user interface and make it more unique and powerful. Previously, the voice search interface was bland and just like all of the other search interfaces that you see on other Android apps. The new user interface is way more powerful than before and it also is a much better theme overall. You will see a banner when you load up the YouTube Android app that tells you that there are new ways you can search the app with your voice.

Once you see this new feature prompt, you will know that your YouTube app has been updated with the new voice search user interface. There will be a microphone icon you will see in the right corner at the top, and just click this to load the user interface. The cool thing is that the voice search user interface will be in full-screen mode.

You will notice that the theme also will be similar to the dark mode found in YouTube. There is also a red button that will be moving at the bottom as you begin to talk to the YouTube voice search. It will time out listening to you after a few seconds. If you want to get out of the voice search, just hit the close button, which is at the top-left area of the app.

New Voice Search Interface on YouTube Android App Makes Searching Easier

One other feature we love here is that you will see your search show up as a text transcription. This will happen before YouTube finishes your voice search query. That allows you to make sure that the app heard you correctly and will be searching for what you asked. Beyond that, you will also notice how much more powerful the new search user interface is compared to the old version. You can go right to different parts of the YouTube Android app directly now, which is really cool.

If you choose to say “Show trending videos” the voice navigation will then get you to the Trending tab of YouTube. Previously, saying this phrase would only search using that phrase and not actually take you to the Trending tab itself. The same goes with if you say “Show Me” in the new update.

This will now take you to different sections of YouTube. Saying that phrase will get you to Watch History, Subscriptions, and many other YouTube sections. Using voice search with the new interface will allow you to navigate the various sections of the YouTube app as well as perform regular searches.

New Voice Command User Interface in YouTube Android App Still Allows Videos to Play

Lastly, we wanted to also tell you that the videos you are playing will continue to play as you are using the commands. That is great news because you will not have to worry about your in-progress video stopping while you are saying a command. You will still be able to hear and see the video you are currently listening to or watching while going through the various commands. This is a huge benefit and definitely one of the best parts about the new search and new user interface within the YouTube Android app.

You can find the new search user interface by downloading the newest YouTube update for Android. The newest version is version 13.50.52 and it is live in Google Play Store right now. You should check to see if your app has updated automatically because it is rolling out right now. Once you have the updated version and tried the new voice search out, we want to know what you think about it.

Are you a fan of how the new user interface for the voice searches work? Do you like how your in-progress video will continue to play as you utilize the new search? Is navigating to the other tabs and sections of YouTube much easier now? What else would you like to see added to the YouTube Android app in the future?